Audit and AMC

At AWebCo, we provide a full 360 degree range of digital services, including website development and management, social media management, video / motion graphics, digital advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, content creation, Database Management and E-mail marketing. We create a digital ecosystem so that your followers and potential customers are never more than a click away from getting in touch with you.


We audit your website, social media channels, search engine rankings for relevant keywords, customer reviews across platforms, as well as markers that Google and other large technological companies consider important to learn more about how you have been utilising the digital space so far- and what the reaction has been. We carry out a complete audit of your website structure and design to ensure that everything has been built and is functioning correctly and that there will be no scalability issues in the future.


We present a report on the audit, following which you decide which of our services you are interested in. We offer a full range of services in our Annual Maintenance Contract, including:

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It’s important to ensure that your website is always running the latest available technology and reflects up-to-date information regarding your products, services and offers. AWebCo helps you remain connected to your customers and, in doing so, increases the customer’s confidence in your business.

Social Media

We manage your social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business to ensure that the content on the platforms keeps your followers engaged and provides them with a good idea of what it is you do and how you can help them or those that they know.

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Customer Relationship

Customers often have complaints or suggestions regarding aspects of your business that they encountered, and like to feel heard and, most importantly, want to feel like you are taking action on the basis of their recommendations. While earlier, they may have got in touch through a customer care helpline, they now leave reviews online. At AWebCo, we ensure that each customer is responded to, and that relevant comments are passed along to the client so that they can be actioned.

Database Management
and Mailers

We help our clients to build a database of customer information that they can use to ensure that customers are receiving the right information from the company based on their preferences and past order history. This database is a ready-made audience of people who you know are interested in your products and services and can provide you with a sales boost when you launch a new product or offer.
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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is all about ranking as high as possible on search engines like Google, whether you do that organically or through targeted ads. We modify your website content and present it in a manner that helps it climb the rankings, both in the ad rankings and organic rankings, giving you a much better chance of attracting new potential customers to your website.

We Are Technically Creative

While we recommend using the full range of services in order to achieve the best possible results, we understand that every business has different goals and priorities and work with you to identify which services are the most critical for you and which services you can possibly do without.

Once that is done, sit back and relax- your digital marketing is now in safe hands and will start to realise its full potential in the coming months! All you need to do is make sure that we are updated about events and promotions that are ongoing so that we can market them accordingly and we handle the rest.