Search Engine Marketing

Now that you’ve marked your territory in the jungle by building your website, the next step is to make sure that people are interested in visiting. You can make the area look as nice as possible, but people aren’t going to come visit until you get the word out. There are many ways you can do this- create a social media campaign, write blogs, get influencers to talk about you, or pay to find people who are interested in what you have to offer and show them advertisements. This is known as search engine marketing.   

Many people are unwilling or unable to invest the time necessary to achieve that top Google rank.  Many more are willing to wait to achieve that top ranking, but need a stop-gap arrangement in place to ensure that the company’s performance does not suffer while they do so. This is where search engine marketing, also known as Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing comes in. 

Search engine marketing allows you to target people based on their interests, based on the terms they search for, based on whether they have visited your website in the past and based on their actions on your website in the past.

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Based on interests: Search engines create profiles for users, based on the things they search for and the pages they visit. Linking everything to an email account, search engines start to create an identity for a person based on their likes and dislikes. They then allow you to target your advertisements based on the likes or dislikes of a user.


Based on search terms: The most popular form of pay per click advertising, targeting on the basis of search terms allows you to target all users who search for certain terms that you are interested in. This form of advertising can be further refined based on user interests to arrive at a cross-section of interested users currently searching for the terms that you are targeting, allowing you to maximise the reach of your budget.

Based on actions on your website: Once you install a small piece of code on your website, it is possible to target users based on their past actions on your website, whether that is website visitors, people who have previously made a purchase on your website or people who may have been interested in making a purchase but did not follow through.

As the name “pay per click” suggests, you don’t pay based on how many people see your advertisement. You only pay for those who click on the advertisement, meaning that you pay only if the person actually visits the landing page and sees the content you want to show them.

Advertising through audio-visual means used to be considered the domain of the biggest brands in the world, with very few others having the financial might to purchase advertising spots that allowed them to reach millions of viewers. The main purpose of these advertisements would be brand building and the sales of everyday products, as the audience would be so diverse that marketing niche products would rarely make sense from a financial perspective.

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Using Search Engine Marketing, however, allows brands to spend as much as they can afford to without stretching their budgets. The best part about it, however, is that you only target people with specific interests that you believe are aligned with your brand or the product or service you are interested in selling- and you only pay for the advertisement if the viewer in question clicks on it!


As a value proposition for your business, there are few better alternatives for those looking to grow their customer base quickly and with minimum hassle. These advertisements can be in many forms, depending on your goals and objectives- whether it is text-based advertising, advertising through images or a combination of the two!


Search engine marketing allows you to build your business your way, whether that is by increasing sales, brand recognition or product recall. It allows you to start immediately, as opposed to SEO, which takes time to start showing results. It is rapidly gaining in popularity as it helps companies to enhance their sales with minimal effort on their part, and is widely considered to be the best means of reaching younger customers.