Search Engine Optimisation

In the wild jungle that is the internet, there are several different herds that you can become a part of. 

Once you have chosen a herd, you will climb the hierarchy of that herd, slowly but surely climbing the ranks. As you climb the rankings, you get to eat before the other animals who are lower than you in the hierarchy.

Once you become the alpha (also known as ranking first), you will eat first, before any other animal does. In the jungle, that means getting first pick of the food. In the SEO world, that means that people view your page in the search results before they view any other organic listing.

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At AWEBCO, we offer an end-to-end SEO solution using only white-hat techniques. To us, SEO is a continuous process which we need to keep working on in order to maintain and better our rankings on Google’s Search Engine Ranking Pages. SEO consists of 4 main parts: On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Content Writing and Technical Optimization.

SEO can be critical for a business, allowing it to redirect generic queries to its website and thereby gain new website visitors who hold the potential to become paying customers. Let’s take the example of real estate. A person happens to be looking to buy a house, and wants to hire a broker. They search for brokers online, and come across person A at the top of the rankings. There may be several brokers charging lower commissions than A, but because A is at the top of the rankings, he is likely to generate a lot of traffic anyway from people who don’t bother to go down the list and compare the various options.  

The journey of a thousand Google search results begins with a single conversation- the first thing we need to do in order to determine how to proceed is to understand your business objectives. The Google ecosystem is mind-boggling, and trying to rank for everything will only ensure that you rank for nothing. On a website where roughly 2 trillion searches are performed everyday, every tiny slice amounts to a significant chunk of potential new business.

Once we understand your business objectives, we perform a detailed audit and analysis of your website and your competitors so that we can chart the strengths and weaknesses of your digital presence in much the same manner that Google does.

This allows us to create a plan to address the weaknesses while ensuring the strengths are not neglected- all while helping you climb the rankings. 

There are several things we do to help you rank higher as per Google’s algorithms, such as:

On-Page SEO: We make sure that the content for each page is as accurate as possible and is designed to help you rank for the keywords you are interested in.

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO, as the name suggests, is optimisation work that is done on websites other than your own to ensure that your website ranks highly on google. This includes link-building, collaborating with other websites, posting on aggregators and many other activities. 

Technical SEO: We ensure that your website meets the technical requirements laid out by search engines, thereby increasing its ranking capability. This includes making sure that the website is being crawled regularly and is being indexed properly, as well as several other activities.  

Content Creation: We help you to create authoritative content that sends the right signals to search engines in the form of guides, blogs, FAQs and other material that is considered relevant by people interested in the terms that you wish to rank for. Not only does this help with the rankings, it also helps achieve regular impressions with members of your target audience.

On-page SEO, off-page SEO
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While there are several search engines that people can use, it is important to remember that a nearly 90% of all searches are performed on Google, and that ranking highly on Google has a far larger effect than ranking on any other search engine. This is our philosophy when it comes to search engines- it would be nice to rank first for relevant searches on all search engines, but the priority is to rank first on Google. 


We provide regular reports regarding the website’s progress as well as the work that is being done, depending on your preferences. At AWEBCO, we believe in full transparency with our clients and are more than happy to walk you through the process so that you are always aware of what it is that we are doing and what we hope to achieve by doing so.