Social Media Marketing

Most of our clients (in fact all!) approach us for Social Media Marketing/Management with only one goal – ‘I WANT MORE BUSINESS!’ Many customers do feel that Social will not work for them. This is due to various reasons including not having a defined strategy, working with vendors who over-promised & under-delivered, no paid media strategy, no defined your ideal customer etc.

A few examples of how Social Media has changed Society significantly include:

Swaying an election ‘Bigly’ (Donald Trump), 

Promoting social justice (Black Lives Matter, Me Too – Exposing Harvey Weinstein)

Inciting Genocide (Myanmar)

Okay we know that all the ways may not be ‘good’ change but we’re trying to emphasise how powerful Social Media can be if used correctly. We’ve had success with clients from across the globe in different business segments.

Alot of businesses forget one underlying principle of Social Media Marketing – being sociable and relatable! Most Companies we see make their social content all about them rather than their customers treating them as a transaction. Another key point to remember is that marketing on Social platforms is disruptive which means your customers are not actively looking for you (such as on search.) Hence being social & relatable is critical to your efforts! 


Think of Social media as a jungle with different eco-systems at play. Each eco-system is unique with different characteristics. The jungle in a sense is all the Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) & the eco-systems are our customers. We need to find out where our ideal customers are first ie which platform they most often use. This would be a great starting point rather than bombarding the whole jungle with content that they do not resonate with.

Identifying your ideal customer is a key step towards the success of all your future marketing efforts so it is important time is taken with this. Having a clearly defined objective with tangible short term goals is important as well. 

Think 10 years ago and think now – the pace at which Social Media is changing is overwhelming for most, enter Awebco! So how can we help and what do we do:

Social Media Strategy & Objectives: After consulting with you and understanding your expectations we quickly get to work to plan out where we should be and what are ideal customer looks like. 

Social Listening & Competitor Analysis: We take a look at Industry Leaders in your segment and what they are doing

Social Content & Planning: Like we said before, social media is Social! Planning what we are saying and to who we are saying it is critical

Social Advertising: So you have great content and your creatives look awesome – but now what? Organic reach isn’t what is used to be, we can target who matters to our business the most

Online Reputation Management & CRM: So everything went great and alot of people are getting in touch through social – too many in fact! Don’t worry, we got you – our CRM teams organises and liases with your team to help you organise leads and contact them in the most effective manner so they convert. 


At the risk of sounding like all the other agencies you’ve met we have to put this here – the results aren’t instant & there’s no fixed formula. We’re reluctant to call ourselves Social Media experts and truly believe nobody can be as social media marketing and its elements (The ever evolving platforms, your business objectives, your customers) are dynamic and ever evolving. 

What we can tell you with confidence is the question you started with ‘YOU WILL GET MORE BUSINESS’

Every client we have worked with has seen a significant return on their investment be it – Manufacturing, Automotive, Spa’s, Retail, Education, Medical, F&B, Hospitality, Governments bla bla bla…..

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