Database Management & EMailers

E-mail Marketing is an important component of our Digital Marketing Strategy for both B2B and B2C engagements. E-mail marketing is an online marketing technique that uses e-mail to send advertisements or information of a commercial / educational nature. This is a communication tool to attract new customers or to retain existing customers.

It is pivotal in any digital marketing strategy and helps with lead generation, building brand awareness and customer relationships. It also help in keeping customers engaged and interested between purchases.



Our focus is how to help you drive customer actions from top of the funnel

The objectives of e-mail marketing are around three main marketing goals:

  • Diverting traffic, leads to your website: and to the relevant page or services..
  • Promoting either offers deals, subscribing to or promotion of new services, discounts, sales, download of applications etc.
  • Brand popularity and image: E-mail marketing is ideally suited to generate popularity and brand image among consumers and build customer relationships.

The strong penetration of e-mail in the current context becomes an important reason to include it in our Retention Marketing strategy, but there are also other important reasons to do so. This is mass technology that instantly reaches everyone, is scalable and is direct. This medium /channel allows the oppurtunity to send chunks of as text, images, videos, audio and hyperlinks.

Another aspect that sets us apart is that we are conversant with the legal framework including data protection laws, privacy and specific e-commerce laws.

The Heart of our E-mail Marketing

The heart of e-mail marketing are the subscribers or customers. The success of a marketing campaign lies in precise target management; therefore a good strategy to attract and retain subscribers is important. The subscriber database is kept meticulously and segmented. We dont believe in purchasing user database – unless totally unavoidable. The reason is simple: it is easier to get back a client than to get a new one. The email content is highly curated, interesting and we value quality over quantity / periodicity. Our strength lies in the fact that we pay special attention to our subscriber database to allow for specific profiling depending on demographics, geographical data, interests, etc., thus increasing the effictiveness of our digital marketing strategy.

Metrics for E mail Marketing – A Data Driven Approach

We track some basic metrics for our client wrt e-mail marketing and shared with the client. There are three elements to assess e-mail marketing effectiveness: the User database, sent emails and conversion metrics. User Databases Metrics: wetrack metrics about the index of increase in subscribers, the rate of unsubscribers. Identifying the reasons for increase or decrease in subscribers is the essence of these metrics. Sent e-mails Metrics: We track 4 metrics to measure the effectiveness or success of our e-mail based retention marketing strategy.
  • Sent index: Percentage of deliveries to the recipient with no mistakes.
  • Opening rate: Percentage of e-mails that have been opened and seen.
  • Clicks on links: Determine which links that have been clicked and calculate a ranking based on number of clicks.
  • Unsubscribers Rate: No of people who have unsubscribed or cancelled their subscription post receiving mail.
Conversion Metrics: we collect metrics wrt sending of mail and the accomplishment of a particular goal, for example downloading a mobile application, using a discount voucher, registration on another website and sending additional information by the user.

Email Infrastructure and best practices

We have a robust email marketing infrastructure comprising of redundant mail servers, redundant email archives, retention DB, internal systems including automated email management tools, email reputation management tools. We are well staffed and equipped to handle all your email marketing efforts and scale up as per requirements. AWEBCO understands importance of email segmentation, lead scoring and contextually relevant educational and commercial information. With an active metrics program we are monitoring each stage of your retention management campaigns.. For more information on our email marketing strategy, contact…