Media Buying

PAID ADVERTISING or SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Are you not getting sufficient ROI on your digital spends? Are you focussing on the right keywords? The right audience? If you are facing issues on any of these, then AWEBCO is well place to help you with paid media, so read on !

The shift of traditional marketing to the Web, as well as the multiplication of other digital channels, platforms and services, has highlighted the complexity of the new media reality.

The classification of paid, earned and owned media has been a constant theme in marketing, in the past differences in the three categories were clearly defined and demarcated. Most marketing initiatives focused on paid media, while owned and earned media were used to reinforce and amplify advertising messages.



The Digital marketing trifecta comprises of Owned, Earned and Paid Media. With rapid digitalisation, companies must know and combine the three types of media in order to ensure greater effectiveness of their marketing strategy and campaigns. This is where AWEBCO can be your partner

  • Owned media includes corporate channels such as websites and social profiles. and mobile apps. The organisation has total control over the content.
  • Earned media is essentially online word of mouth: mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations, product reviews on specialised Webs or assessments on online shops or specific social platforms. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) techniques are used to increase the traction free of cost including a robust content strategy.
  • Paid media These are digital assets, spaces and content that the brand had to pay for. They tend to be catalysts to increase the scope of the messages and initiatives of the brand and visibility. Apart from advertisement display and advertisement in social media, earned media includes retargeting, Pay Per Click, promoted tweets, paid reviews in specialised blogs or recommendations by influencers on social media.


The digital marketing efforts increasingly focus on paid media, also known as SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) in Digital marketing efforts. SEM uses PPC advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. It includes setting up and otimizing ads, to activities to increase conversion and business.

OUR SEM Process



Our SEM activities begin with exhaustive keyword research, competitor analysis and insights using PPC advertising toolkit and other propreitary tools to get a deep and insightful understanding of your target audience behaviour, motivation, demographics.


Phase 2

This understanding helps us create and structure optmised campaigns that place your products and services on top. These campaigns could be Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Gmail ads, YouTube ads. Accordingly we choose suitable metrics to monitor the effectiveness of ad spend.


Phase 3

its not setup and forget. Our specialist constantly monitor, tune and the optimise the ad campaigns and the process is continuously iterated for maximum ROI. As a digital marketing company, we understand that optimum management of paid media generates content for earned media, as well as increasing traffic in owned media. AWEBCO can help you leverage the 3 types to maximise the efficiency of a campaign.


Phase 4

While clicks are important, the real meat is in leads and conversion. The CRM data is fed back into the ad campaign platform to get further insights and understanding of consumer behaviour. This helps to further fine tune the campaign, increase conversions and help customers move down the sales funnel.

We provide all services from Keyword research, consumer research, building the Ad account, Ad creation, copywriting, testing, optimisation and metrics collection with reporting all under one roof.


Advantages of Paid Advertising / SEM

SEM offers some very tangible advantages over organic ways to increase conversions, traffic, sales. SEM results are visible in days as compared to months taken by SEO (organic optimisation). We have full control where the ads show, to which target audience, for how long, with what budget. It also helps in maintaining traffic during lean periods.

Each of these media have their own pros, cons and scenarios. We at AWEBCO can effectively coordinate and leverage them to accomplish your business goals. All of them are vital cogs in a digital marketing strategy. We help you to analyse what will work best for your business and give best ROI.