Website Development

The most instinctive reaction when any animal discovers a jungle is to try and find some territory that they can call their own. A domain that they can maintain as they see fit, where other animals know they can find him or her. This domain is also known as a URL, or uniform resource locator, wherein you can purchase a name that people can search for at any point and arrive at your corner of the jungle.


The next step on any company’s foray into the digital world is to build a website that matches its business goals and provides potential customers with the necessary information they need regarding the entity. Your website is your voice in the digital world, and should be customized as per your vision in order to achieve the best possible results. 


Websites can serve a variety of different functions, whether those are closing online sales, providing customers an easy way to connect with customers (both old and new), bridging the gap between the customer and the offline business so that customers don’t migrate to your competitors due to a lack of convenience

At AWebCo, we have designed over 1,000 web experience for a variety of clients in five continents across the world. Our clients come from a variety of sectors- such as retail, e-commerce, automobiles, healthcare, packaging, government bodies or non-profits. 


We are not in the business of “business as usual”. We transform the way you think, the way you work, the way you embrace the relentless effect of digital. The effect of this goes beyond business. We open your eyes to what opportunity really means. This isn’t just applying digital. This is being digital.

Our primary speciality lies in front-end websites, which we design while always keeping three primary factors in mind: sales, community and experience. We build energetic and powerful websites that send a clear message to visitors. But above all else, we ensure that the customer journey is never overly complicated so that the website can be as inclusive as possible, simplifying the clients’ product and service offerings. 

We are capable of creating websites using PHP or WordPress, depending on your objectives and preferences. We have created several e-commerce websites as well, helping some customers to establish a standalone online business model, with virtually no offline presence beyond having a registered office. 

Web development company UAE
We provide 360 degree web marketing and analytics solutions to successfully drive traffic to your site. 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team and start your journey into the jungle world that is then internet today!